Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching Up...

Well, I got behind on blogging again. However, I am very forgetful these days :) I am down to 6 weeks left- unless my son decides to arrive at the end of June. I am getting very anxious and nervous about the whole labor thing. I am sure it will all be long as I have an 

We have been so blessed to have received SO many awesome gifts for the baby! We have everything we need minus a few things. So basically besides the few things on our list, all we need is him to be here...oh and a name for him. Clint and I had a few we liked (our plan is to wait till we meet him then decide on which one). Well the list keeps changing, and we cannot agree on anything! So he might just be "Baby Boy Ramsey" with an ID number, ha!

I have had two wonderful baby showers. One with family and friends back home, and then my coworkers threw me one last week. I am so thankful for all the people who care about us and our baby! In June, we have a couples shower with the Higgins' (I think I have mentioned before they are due 4 weeks after us). I am just hoping I will be able to go. This heat is really starting to get to me. Over the weekend my swelling really got worse. I just say that I have the sexiest cankles ever!!! lol

Looking back on my pregnancy I have had some things go on that is stressful. One example is my grandpa's death. Also, I have had someone who was once very close to me just cut me out of their life. What I have found out is who really is true to me and cares about me. So to those who have been there for me, you know who you are...THANK YOU. I just know that any day now I will have a big cry fest. I can feel it coming! lol

You know what makes a pregnant Susan happy when stressed? Since I cannot have my wine/beer/Capt. Morgan (ha ha), I like to turn to sno cones, DQ funetti cake blizzards, or root beer floats. And when I have a craving for one it is pretty serious. There is no "I will get it later." It is "I need it now. I will get it now"  I went to Sonic a couple weeks ago for a root beer float, and I ordered a medium one. The boy came skating out with a 10 ounce root beer float when the menu clearly states a medium is 20 oz. So I sent him back. A few min later he comes skating to my car and tells me his manager said that what he has is their medium. I am not dumb. I can tell a difference in the cup size. So I tell him to look at the menu and tell me if he thinks what he has in his hand is a 20 oz. I promise I was being nice :) Needless to say I was right, the manager was wrong, and I drove off with a 20 oz. root beer float that probably had spit in Now I get my RB floats from Culver's. They are way better there anyways :)

I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat wave! I am staying indoors as much as possible! Happy Sunday everyone!