Sunday, November 20, 2011


Well most have seen on my facebook our big news- Baby Ramsey will be here in July 2012!  Clint and I are SO excited about being parents!  This past week the symptoms have really kicked my booty.  Food does not taste the same, I am nauseous majority of the time, and all my energy has been sucked out of me!  And I use to have  A LOT of energy! lol  However, I am not complaining because it is all for a good cause!  I am just anxious to find out the gender so I can really start planning :)

Clint and I got to hear the little heart beat on Friday, and it was sooo neat to see that there was a little life inside of me.  A few years ago I was the girl who said I am never getting married, nor having kids.  Now look at me!  And you know what?  I am happier now than what I ever was before.  I truly feel blessed :)

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving-- I will be working :( Booo!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up...

I just realized I have not blogged in awhile.  And I told myself I would do better this go round with having one!  Last weekend we were in Cincinatti for the Estes wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding! We definitely were wore out when we returned on Sunday.  But overall, great weekend! 

This past week was National Radiology Tech week.  Let's just say they fed us very well!  Everyday there was something brought in- Hacienda, Angelo's, pizza, bagels, etc.  A big thank you to those who helped put everything together for us.  I think there was a couple of nights I couldn't even eat supper because I was so full from eating all day at work! 

Yesterday we went to my friend Alisha's wedding, then to see my Grandpa Bill.  He is still weak and needs lots of prayers!  It did make me happy that he started calling me again this past week.  For awhile he was too weak to talk on the phone, and if you did get to talk to him he was hard to understand.  I was so happy when he started sounding like himself again.  Made my heart happy! :)

One thing I forgot about Daviess Co, is that when you go somewhere to eat, you see lots of people you know.  We ate at Bobe's last night in Washington (YUM), and I think we knew about 10 of the people in there! lol  Btw, Clint and I are still looking for a house back home.  Preferrably in the country- the less the neighbors the better!  So if you know or see of anything, please contact me!

So I have been seeing on facebook that some people are already getting Christmas decorations out.  Due to my cat Lola knocking our tree over last year, I do not want to mess with it.  However, Clint insists we have a tree so we are going to look for a pre-lit one today.  I am hoping Lola leaves it alone, but well...she is kinda rotten ;)
Happy Sunday!