Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gettin' excited!

So things are really starting to come together for little baby Ramsey.  Tonight I met with the owner of the daycare he will be attending- LOVE Miss Jackie!!  She was so sweet, and I feel so relaxed knowing my little guy will be under her care when I go back to work.  Also, baby boy has a pediatrician lined up.  Yay! Now, Clint and I must decide on nursery theme.  I am loving the western theme (imagine that), and Clint likes IU.  However, I have googled and browsed the net and have been unsuccessful on finding IU baby bedding.  So who knows what we will decide on.  Maybe we can combine the sports theme/cowboy theme.  My father-n-law said he wants to come down and help Clint paint the nursery.  The guest bedroom is a bright purple right now, so definitely need to "boy it up" :) One thing that I realized it is time for Clint and I do to is register for baby stuff!!!  And just think a year ago around this time we were registering for wedding stuff.  Time flies!

I had a doctor appoint. on Tuesday.  Clint was unable to take of work for it, so I took my grandma Norma (Meme) with me.  She saw her very first ultrasound!  And it was confirmed the baby is a boy, which we already assumed.  They moved my due date up a few days because baby boy is measuring long- imagine that!  Look at how tall Clint is!  The baby weighs 11 oz. right now and is doing great.  My dr was happy because this time I had NO sugar in my urine and I lost a pound.  I had to redirect my eating habits, and start eating like I did pre preggo.  I still have my dessert though.  No one can keep this momma away from sugar! :)

I went to Odon yesterday to see my Grandpa Bill, and everytime I travel back home it makes me realize how much I miss living in a small town.  I cannot wait till the baby is here, then we can start planning our re-locating.  We are discussing maybe building, but will get more serious about everything once the time nears.  With I-69 I am hoping I can continue to work at Deaconess, but time will tell. 

This warm weather makes me think that mushroom hunting season is getting closer!  Did not get to go last year, and I am hoping I can waddle in the woods this year.  That is something I remember doing with family when I was really young.  They are soooo good fried, but I have never been able to fix them like my mom did.  Why is it mom's do things better?  However, I have mastered my mom's taco salad!! 

Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Funday

One thing that I love about having a blog is that I can say what I want and not care.  If you do not like it, well then you do not have to read it.  Some people know that I have a hard time keeping a filter on my mouth.  Pregnancy makes it harder.  I have to hold myself back from word vomiting.  I am not one to keep things within, I like to get them out! 

I do not know why it has happened now, but being pregnant has made me sit back and notice the true colors of people.  Some of those colors are not so bright and happy. I know as we grow older, we may grow apart from others in our lives. I have seriously learned who the "true" people are in my life.  I will leave it at that...

Another thing I have noticed is there are a lot of Debbie Downers out there.  It drives me bonkers on how some people have something wrong with them everyday.  STOP IT!  I really wish some would realized how blessed they are.  I think of the homeless people I see I around Evansville, the stories on the news of those who had unfortunate things happen to them, or even the patients at work who I know could use extra help.  I may wake up with pains in my hips, lower back, a headache, or the blahs...but you know what?  I still at night thank God for the blessings I do have.  Those minor aches and pains are not the end of the world.  I have a roof over my head, heat, a vehicle, a good job, amazing husband, clothes on my back....and the list goes on.  

On a different note, my weekend was great!  My youngest nephew Oliver turned one, and we all celebreated on Saturday.  After that Clint and I drove into Odon to see my Grandpa Bill- his birthday was on Sunday.  I love my visits with Grandpa, especially when Clint gets to go too.  There is always lots of laughter! :)  On Sunday I woke up in a major cleaning mode.  It definitely wore me out, but made me happy to have it done.  My bestie Kylie was home for the weekend so on Sunday evening I met with her and Holly for dinner- always a good time when Kylie is telling her stories!!! LOL  She and Holly call my baby Maximus Skip Ramsey.  That is not his name, and I swear to you when I say he does not have an official name yet.  We have options, but will decide once we see his cute little face.  Speaking of the little man, he has definitely become mobile!  I have felt him a couple times.  I think he is working on his line dancing and 2 step skills....ha!  Still looking for the perfect pair of cowboy boots for him ;)

This weekend will be another busy one, but not complaining because I know it will be a good time!  I am anxiously waiting for Tuesday when I get to have another ultrasound.  If Clint cannot leave work I am taking my grandma Norma aka "Meme" because she has never seen one, and I would love for her to experience it!  I am also hoping to find out I passed on having better results with my sugar intake.  I got in trouble last time, because my levels were very high.  I love sweets, and even did before I was pregnant!  So it has been tough...some days I have no sweets...others I kinda give in...just a 

Happy Monday!