Monday, October 8, 2012

One more thing...

I realized earlier today I forgot to blog about something last night. I forgot to talk about my mom's Celebration of Life party. To those who attended, please know it truly did mean a lot to me. I was very overwhelmed that day and did not get to talk to each and every person. I did not get much sleep the night before her party. My nerves were crazy! I kept telling myself that her party was her "funeral." I was hoping to gain closure, which I did not.

I got up very early the morning of the big day to help my dad set up everything. I got to the facility first (it is literally 2 miles from my house), and as I was driving through the entrance, right in front of me was a shooting star. I took that as a sign from mom. I am sure she loved her party. My sister and I made around 6-7 photo boards. I laughed because there are more pictures of my mom holding animals than children, lol.

There were many people who came throughout the day to her event. I was happy to see such a great turn out. I was so exhausted after it was over. I slept like a baby afterwards! Then the next day my grandma, my sister, and myself went through mom's clothes. You would think that would make things seem real, but it did not. I do have moments where it hits me. But overall, I still think I can call her up or go visit. One thing that was hard about my first day back to work was after the day was over. Driving home from work was the one time of the day I called her the most. And this was a big day- Liam had his first daycare experience! So instead I called my dad and Clint.

I am not trying to sound like a basket case about everything, and I do not want people to feel sorry for me. Just understand if I have moments I am not myself. I try to have those moments alone if I feel one coming. I miss my mom so much. No words can explain how that hurts. So seriously, tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. You will not regret it!

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, cards, texts, emails, phone calls, etc. during this difficult time. You all are so kind. Also a BIG thank you to my fellow xray peeps at Deaconess and their generous gift- I sure do love me some massages and you all rock for giving me that gift card to Fusion Spa! I love that place!

On a different and happier note:

I do not know if you all remember, but last year Kim Burkhart and I created the first ever Travis Burkhart Foundation Steps For Hope 5k/10k Walk/Run. Well this year it will be part of the opening ceremonies at the new I-69 in Washington, IN. The race will be on Saturday Oct. 20th at 9:00am (EST). If you miss out on pre-registering, you can still register day of race starting at 7:00am (EST).

Due to recent things in my life, I have not been able to help Kim out as much on preparing for the race. I want to thank her and the rest of the Burkhart family for being so kind and understanding. I have decided that 2013 will be my year. I will have more positive things happen, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to Reality

A couple of weeks ago, I returned back to work. I was actually looking forward to getting back into a routine. However, I was feeling anxious about Liam going to daycare. I knew he would be fine. Miss Jackie (daycare owner) is an absolute sweetheart. I was more worried about how I would handle being away from him the whole day after experiencing a very emotional maternity leave.

The morning of my first day back to work went well. I was showered and ready before Liam even woke up. As I laid him in his carseat before we left, he just kept smiling at me. So I took that as a sign everything would be just fine. Liam does great at daycare! Miss Jackie along with the other workers have told me multiple times how much they adore Liam and how he is such a good baby. Also, they have said they wish they could clone Liam and have all babies be like him! I am not trying to be "that mom," but I am pretty lucky. Liam sleeps 10 hours at night, and he really only fusses if he is hungry. Believe me, I am not saying everything is perfect because it is not. I was almost late for work the other morning because Liam had a blow out. The kind that was on me, the carpet, and almost up to his neck. He sure felt better as he kicked his legs and cooed!! LOL
Going to daycare also means being exposed to germs. So he did catch his first cold. I noticed earlier tonight he is starting to get over it. Even with his congestion, runny nose, and crud going on he still smiled a lot. He did not get that from me because I hate being sick and tend to whine a lot when I am. :)

Even though I am back into a normal routine- work, gym, church, lazy family days, etc., I still have a hard time adjusting without my mom. I still want to call her for advice on things. I miss her so much. I still have so much pain and emotion that has yet to come out. I am not going to lie, I am not looking forward to the holidays. My first without both Grandpa Bill and my mom. It just does not seem real. The other night I wanted to call her so bad and ask for her advice on something. Instead I held Liam and cried like a baby looking at the pics I have of him and my mom on the night he was born.

This weekend I will experience my first night away from Liam. Thanks to Clint's dad and stepmom, he and I are going to have a date day/night. We have the day planned with different wineries and shops, and will end our night with some karaoke. Clint and I love to sing karaoke, but keep in mind we do not think we are professionals. It is just a lot of fun! I plan on attempting a Tanya Tucker song in honor of my mom. :) I am looking forward to a much needed relaxing day with my husband. I know Liam will do fine at his grandparents, and I am pretty sure they are excited about their overnight guest!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Breakfast Blogging...

Tomorrow will mark one week that my mom passed away. Crazy.

Monday it rained all day and was very gloomy outside. Perfect weather for my mood. I stayed in my jammies all day- did not take a shower until 5pm! On that day I realized it did not seem a reality mom was gone. However, I do still have moments that it hits me. A couple days ago, I was sitting on the couch holding Liam. I was thinking about mom and past conversations we had had. I started crying (this was one of those moments where it hit me). Liam sensed my emotion and for no reason he started crying with me. Of course the difference is he is looks way cuter when he cries. Any of you ever watch Teen Mom? If so, you will know what I mean when I say I assume I look horrible when I cry like Farrah does. Bad cry face! Ha! Anyways, that made me stop crying and focus on him. I do not want my precious baby being upset because I am! So once again, proof that little love bug was suppose to come into my life when he did. My dad even told me the other night if I did not have Liam during all of this I would be 10 times worse.

                                                  10 weeks of pure cuteness right here!

I have purposely been keeping busy. I find that it helps distract me. I went to Target the other day to just putter around and ended up with a bag of bite size Twix candy bars and pumpkin spice coffee creamer (for those of you who love it like I do, yes it is out again! AND they have sugar-free this year!). I ate so many of those Twix bars it ended up being my supper, and I washed them down with a glass of wine. Awesomeness.
I do not know why, but I am trying to prevent myself from grieving. I am not ready to do it just yet. A friend came over last night to visit. She too has recently had a big loss; however, her situation is different. I knew mine was coming, she did not know hers was. We got to talking about the different emotions we are going through. One thing we both agree on, and I do not mean this to sound bad is the advice people give. We both said we know people care, BUT please do not tell me why I have not grieved, when I will, or what I am feeling. Only I know what I am feeling inside. The best thing a friend recently told me is "Don't ever let anyone tell you that time will heal your pain. Always remember that it is what YOU DO during the time that will really heal you."
One thing I am very thankful for is my mom's best friend Tina. She has been there for me before mom passed, and I'm sure will continue to be here for me. The night mom died, I called Tina. I really did not have anything specific to tell her, I just wanted to talk. The bond my mom and Tina had was the definition of true best friends. Those two could talk for hours, I mean hours on the phone. They told each other everything. About 5 hours before mom passed away, Tina called my phone. I placed it up to mom's ear so they could have "one last phone call." Even though mom was not responsive, I know she could hear Tina's voice. If you are reading this Tina, thank you for everything. Thank you for being such an awesome friend to my mom, and thank you for being like a mom to me.  
Here are some memories of my mom I would like to share:

She made the best taco salad. I am glad that I can make it now myself. Not to mention her chocolate chip cookies were the best. Glad I have that recipe too.
Aqua Net hairspray will always remind me of my mom. Back in the 80’s when I was kid, it seemed like she would spray a whole can of that on her freshly hot rolled hair. I still to this day remember the smell of that hairspray. And you never wanted to breathe with your mouth open after she sprayed it because the air was heavily polluted with Aqua Net. Oh and in case you were wondering, it tastes awful! LOL
She had her own way of wording things and little sayings she would use. I find myself using them without realizing it. If it was really hot outside she would say, “It is hotter than a bug’s butt on the 4th of July.” Or if we were on our way home she would say as we were getting closer, “Home again, home again jiggity jaw!” There are many other sayings she used that I will never forget.

My mom loved animals so much that I would joke around and say she loved them more than her family. I am sure on most days that were true. Every animal had a first and middle name. Growing up there was always animals around- inside and outside. She even fed a possum and named him Randy! However, thanks to her I have a love for animals myself, and they too have a first and middle name.
Mom was a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal.  She didn’t wear jewelry or fancy clothes. She was simple. She never cared what others thought, and would speak her mind. If you wanted an honest opinion, you asked her. She also was a talker. You could call just to ask her a question and end up talking for over an hour. So I guess I know where I get my motor mouth and bluntness from.
One thing about my mom that we all would imitate and tease her about was her laugh. It was different, yet it was so her.
For the past 6-7 years, she and my dad would play “slug bug” while driving places.  They would not actually hit each other in the arm like how others play it. It was just whoever spotted the car would yell it out for a point. They had their own rules for it. I never could beat either one of them. Even when mom didn’t feel well she still would play slug bug.
Growing up mom listened to a lot of Tanya Tucker. It is funny because just a couple months ago I downloaded some Tanya Tucker songs because I remembered hearing them when I was younger. Back when we lived in Odon on Main Street, she would wash our hair in the kitchen sink. I remember her  playing her Tanya Tucker cassettes while we were in the kitchen. She also used the Aussie shampoo on our hair, and I recall her telling me it was made out of kangaroo pee. I was a gullible child, and I believed her.

My mom and dad had a great marriage. I use to always say that if I ever got married I wanted a marriage like theirs. They were more than husband and wife- they were best friends. Well I got married, and not only to a great man, but to my best friend. It’s funny because mom use to always say throughout the years that I needed to get back together with Clint. I am so happy she got to see us get married. Many did not know this, but she was sick during the time of my wedding. However, she managed to have a great time even though she paid for later.
There are many, many more memories I have of her, and I need to start writing them all down. A few days before her passing, my dad and I watched all of our old family videos. It is crazy to see how much time has passed already. Time goes fast, and anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Seriously, tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Send a card, text, email, etc. Give them a call. You NEVER know when they will be gone.
My mom and I at Ethan's birthday party. This was actually on her 50th bday. (Ethan's bday is one day before mom's)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Turning 30 & Saying Goodbye...

Note: This post will be long. I am not asking for pity, I am just venting. I am not sleeping well at night, so blogging is something I need to do right now...

The lyrics to one of Patty Loveless' songs keeps playing in my head, "Life's about change and nothing ever stays the same." How true. The past two years have been quite the emotional rollercoaster. I got married, Granny suddenly passed away, I got pregnant, Grandpa Bill passed away, I had my baby...then my mom passed away.

My mom kept her illness a secret. She was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December of 2005. Mom was always positive about everything, so I was not surprised when she beat the cancer. After five years of being in remission, the damn thing returned. Since 2010, my mom did not live a good quality of life. Due to the many rounds of chemo and various surgeries, she never felt 100%. Now fast forward to April 17, 2012. She was having surgery to get a colostomy bag placed. Mom faced many complications from that surgery. She stayed in Indy for many weeks, came home for about a week and a half, went back to IUPUI hospital, and then she was transferred to the Select Specialty Hospital on her 53rd birthday- May 23rd. While Mom was in Select, she was worried (and so was I) that she would not be released in time for when I had my baby. Well, she started improving and was released on July 3rd. I had my son on July 11th. She did not feel well at all the day I had Liam, but she was there and that is all that mattered to her. My birth photographer captured beautiful moments of my mom and Liam on their first meeting. I am so thankful I have those photos to cherish forever.

So I have my baby, mom is home, and I assume all is well. It was not. My mom started not feeling well again, but occasionally she would have good days. I had my 2 week postpartum doctor's appointment, and mom asked me if she could watch Liam while I went. So I dropped him off, and I went to my appointment and even ran some errands afterwards.  She seemed to be doing good and enjoyed watching Liam. Boy did things start to change...

On Sunday August 12, mom woke my dad up saying she needed to go to the hospital. She thought she was just really dehydrated and needed fluids. She was wrong. She was admitted and was later told the bad news. The cancer had spread, and there was nothing left the doctor's could do. They gave her 2-3 months. The next night my world changed. I was home alone with Liam- Clint was on travel for work. My dad came over and told me what the doctor's had said. We both cried and cried. I felt like someone slapped me in the face. This could not be true! Mom had beat the cancer before, so why must it win this time? After he left, I sat in the rocking chair holding my son and bawled like a baby.

Well then the bad news kept coming. The doctor's soon said she only had 1-2 weeks left. Mom was transferred to the VNA Hospice Facility, where we assumed would be where she would pass. If you knew my mom, then you should know she was a strong woman who stayed positive no matter what. Suddenly she started doing good again- her bowels were working and the NG tube was removed. And guess what? Mom got to go home! They set up home hospice care for her, and a hospital bed was put in the living room at my parents house. On Wednesday August 29, mom went home. The doctor's then said she had 2-3 months again. Unfortunately, they were wrong. On Friday September 14, I watched my mom take her last breath. An image I will never forget.

If you read my last blog, I said I really do believe Liam was suppose to come into my life when he did. I truly do believe this. Being on maternity allowed me to spend every day with my mom. A week before she passed, her vision became blurry. So it made my day and hers when I held Liam out in front of her and he did the cutest baby laugh he had never done before. She smiled so big. It was an awesome moment. I started keeping a journal for Liam- writing about our visits with his Memaw and what all she said about him.

Since she knew her time was ending, she planned out her Celebration of Life party and wrote her own obituary. She wants people to gather and celebrate her life and share stories. Mom was never one to want a traditional funeral where people wear black and sit around and cry. I told her I was still going to cry and so would many others! Lol

So many memories were made during the past 6 weeks. I turned 30, which was sadly my last birthday with my mom. Birthdays and holidays were always a big deal to her. My mom was never an emotional person, but she cried when she realized for the first time she could not bake me a cake. I told her the cake did not matter. Having her there for my birthday was the best present ever.

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband. He has been amazing during all of this. He has been on baby duty while I deal with everything. I am also thankful for having such a good son! Liam started sleeping 6-7 hrs at night when he hit 4 wks. Well he is 9.5 weeks old sleeping 10 hours at night! Woo hoo! He also melts his momma's heart with his big gummy grins. I can be crying and sad, then Liam will look at me and give me one of those grins. So you see, he was meant to come into my life when he did. I am sooooo glad mom got to meet him. He would lay up on the hospital bed and sleep with her. Then one day when she was at the Hospice facility she let him try the littlest drop of chocolate milkshake. She said she had to do "Memaw things" while she had the chance. Liam licked those little lips and kicked his little leggies in excitement! So mom told Clint he needed to bring Liam home chocolate milkshakes...haha!

I would tell my mom everything. I would call her just to tell a story about work, something one of my animals did, or some silly gossip I heard. I also went to her for advice on many things. It is going to be hard adjusting to not having her be a phone call away. My mom wrote my sister and myself a letter before she passed. One thing she said in mine was if I have any questions go to the Bible or ask God. Good thing He is a good listener because I will have many questions!

I get my ability to talk a lot from my mom. I would call her to ask a simple question and end up chatting for over an hour. The day before I had Liam, I went to see my mom. She was in bed not feeling well. I was very pregnant and very swollen and had a hard time getting comfortable sitting on the bed. Well we got to talking and next thing you know 4 hours had passed! She was so easy to talk to, and it seemed like we never ran out of things to discuss. Thanks to her I also have a love for animals. There were times I would joke around saying she loved animals more than people...on some days I believe this was true! :)

My mom was spunky, fun, and she would speak her mind not caring what others thought. I am proud to say she was my mom. No words can express the pain I feel losing her. Even though I saw her take her last breath, I do not have closure. I feel like my heart has been ripped out. I have went through every stage of emotion. I am purposely staying busy so I do not have to sit and think about it too much. I feel my breaking point nearing. I know I will have a big grieve session, but trying to prevent it helps make me feel like this is not a reality. I miss my mom. I want her back. I know she is no longer in pain, but it still does not fill the void of her being gone.
I do want to thank everyone who called, texted, emailed, wrote on my Facebook wall, sent cards, etc. I may not get back to each and everyone of you, but please know I do truly appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and kind words.

A good friend sent me this verse today, and I would like to share it:

Proverbs 4: 5&6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

William "Liam" Douglas Ramsey

I am way behind again. However, I have an excuse. I have been busy tending to the best little present ever. This little present was delivered on July 11, 2012. The present of course, is my precious son Liam.

I did not think my pregnancy would ever end. I was swollen and just plain miserable. Each week I would go to my doctor's appointment and learn I was still just 1 cm dilated. Ugh! The temperature was in the 100's outside, and I simply wanted my baby out! But I do not always get what I want- my doctor does not induce unless you go past your due date. So guess what, I was still pregnant on my due date. Clint and I went to the hospital on the evening of July 10. They started me on oral meds to help soften my stubborn cervix. I sent Clint home that night, knowing he would sleep better. I told him to be at the hospital at 6:00am the next morning before they started giving me pitocin. If you know my husband, he is late for EVERYTHING! (one of my pet peeves, but I still love him dearly) So the next morning at ten till heard me, 10 min early...Clint enters the room. I was happy to see he was early, but even happier after I opened the small box he handed me. He got me a "push present," and in the box was a gorgeous ruby ring (Liam's birthstone). I think he earned extra brownie points that day- arrived early and gave me jewelry! :)

I am not going to go into details, but I will say the rest of the day was not so fun. I will say God Bless epidurals!! I was in labor for a long 11 hours. Lots of pain and tears for sure! Clint was so supportive, and he did such a great job helping me out. I think at one point he told me to stop cussing and breathe. :) Some of those contractions were so mean and fierce I would word vomit, and I am sure my mother would not have been proud if she heard me! Ha!

The big moment finally came at 8:32pm (CST). I gave birth to a 8 lb 1 oz., 21.5 in beautiful baby boy! The moment I first laid eyes on him my heart melted like butter on a hot biscuit. He was absolutely perfect with alert eyes and rosebud lips. I was in love. We named him William Douglas Ramsey, but he goes by Liam. William is of course after my Grandpa Bill, and Douglas is after my dad. He has the names of the 3 greatest men in my life (Ramsey obviously being Clint's last name, duh lol).

One thing we did for Liam's birth was have a birth photographer. Leah Robinson did an amazing job! She captured moments before the birth and immediately after. We even have a small video on DVD. I highly recommend other moms-to-be to do this if you can. Clint was able to enjoy Liam's first moments without having to snap away with our camera. If you read this Leah- thank you so much!

The next couple of days at the hospital were a blur. We had many visitors stop by to see our new handsome fella. We are so thankful for all who called, texted, emailed, sent cards/gifts, visited, etc. Clint and I left the hospital as a family of 3 that following Friday evening. We came home and set his carseat down to let the fur kids (Norm, Lola, and Roxi) meet their new brother. The cats were scared of him, and Norm would not go near him. They all adjusted well, but sometimes Norm gets a tad jealous.

I am not going to say it is a piece of cake the first week or so at home. I think I cried with Liam on many occasions. However, each day and week just kept getting better. When he hit 4 weeks we put him in his crib in his room. He started sleeping awesome and still does to this day. We get anywhere from 6-8 hr straight then up to feed, then back to sleep for another 2 hr. This makes mommy and daddy very happy! He loves bath time, and he LOVES to eat. Poor kids got his mom and dad's appetite! Lol

I cannot believe he will be 2 months old tomorrow. Time really flies! He is such a pure joy in our lives. He grins all the time, and we even got a semi baby laugh out of him recently. He also will stick out his lower lip when he is upset. Not going to lie, that trick works! Every morning I lay him on his play mat so I can brush my teeth, make coffee, start a load of laundry, etc. He loves that mat! He gets to kicking his little leggies and arms. Clint and I say it is his Baby P90X he is doing, haha.

I may have carried him for 9 months, but he definitely is his daddy's son. When Liam was first born, he looked like my baby pictures. Now we have a Clint Jr.! He for sure is built like Clint- long arms/legs and long skinny feet with long toes Liam does have the prettiest blue eyes, and those lips...oh they are so precious!!

I love my son more than anything, and I truly believe he was meant to enter my life at the time he did. I will explain more later in another post.

Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching Up...

Well, I got behind on blogging again. However, I am very forgetful these days :) I am down to 6 weeks left- unless my son decides to arrive at the end of June. I am getting very anxious and nervous about the whole labor thing. I am sure it will all be long as I have an 

We have been so blessed to have received SO many awesome gifts for the baby! We have everything we need minus a few things. So basically besides the few things on our list, all we need is him to be here...oh and a name for him. Clint and I had a few we liked (our plan is to wait till we meet him then decide on which one). Well the list keeps changing, and we cannot agree on anything! So he might just be "Baby Boy Ramsey" with an ID number, ha!

I have had two wonderful baby showers. One with family and friends back home, and then my coworkers threw me one last week. I am so thankful for all the people who care about us and our baby! In June, we have a couples shower with the Higgins' (I think I have mentioned before they are due 4 weeks after us). I am just hoping I will be able to go. This heat is really starting to get to me. Over the weekend my swelling really got worse. I just say that I have the sexiest cankles ever!!! lol

Looking back on my pregnancy I have had some things go on that is stressful. One example is my grandpa's death. Also, I have had someone who was once very close to me just cut me out of their life. What I have found out is who really is true to me and cares about me. So to those who have been there for me, you know who you are...THANK YOU. I just know that any day now I will have a big cry fest. I can feel it coming! lol

You know what makes a pregnant Susan happy when stressed? Since I cannot have my wine/beer/Capt. Morgan (ha ha), I like to turn to sno cones, DQ funetti cake blizzards, or root beer floats. And when I have a craving for one it is pretty serious. There is no "I will get it later." It is "I need it now. I will get it now"  I went to Sonic a couple weeks ago for a root beer float, and I ordered a medium one. The boy came skating out with a 10 ounce root beer float when the menu clearly states a medium is 20 oz. So I sent him back. A few min later he comes skating to my car and tells me his manager said that what he has is their medium. I am not dumb. I can tell a difference in the cup size. So I tell him to look at the menu and tell me if he thinks what he has in his hand is a 20 oz. I promise I was being nice :) Needless to say I was right, the manager was wrong, and I drove off with a 20 oz. root beer float that probably had spit in Now I get my RB floats from Culver's. They are way better there anyways :)

I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat wave! I am staying indoors as much as possible! Happy Sunday everyone!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Well, I am definitely emotionally and physically tired.  I lost a very important person in my life- my Grandpa Bill.  Just last Sunday on April 1st my dad, Clint, and I visited with him.  We all laughed and joked around like normal.  Overall, a very good visit.  The next day was Clint and I's one year wedding anniversary.  After I got home from work, I was getting ready to go out for dinner when my dad called.  He told me Grandpa was not doing very well, and the nurses could not get him to wake up.  I thought, "Really?!?" He was just fine the day before!!  The hospice nurses said this was the beginning of the end.  I did not want to hear this.  I cried and cried knowing my time was limited with Grandpa.  Luckily, I was already scheduled to be off work the next day.  I got to the nursing home about noon, and I spent 12 hrs there that day.  I talked to him, told him how much I loved him, held his hand, and let him know that it was okay to go.  I knew he had been suffering, and was in pain.  Those who know my grandpa understand that he did not like being cooped up in the nursing home.  He was such a social butterfly, and loved to be outside.  So late Tuesday night I finally ventured back to Evansville.  It was wayyy past this preggo's bedtime, but I had a hard time leaving him.  On the morning of Wednesday April 4th, Grandpa took his last breath.  He waited till no family was in the room with him.  My heart broke.  I did not want to accept the fact that he was gone.  I took the rest of the week off from work- which thank you to my co workers for understanding!  The rest of the week seemed like a blur getting ready for the funeral.  I had a tote of Grandpa's photos and keepsakes, so I put together a photo board for the funeral home.  Above is one of the many pictures of him and his horses. 
Friday was the big day.  I wore my black cowboy boots with my dress pants just for Grandpa :)  The Odon Flower Shop did an amazing job at decorating his casket with his boots, cowboy hat, and belt.  My dad bought a can of Skoal, and Grandpa was buried with it in his hands :)  I loved his casket- he had picked out a plain pine, western looking one that totally suited him.  The viewing was family only, but the graveside services was public.  I was so pleased with the turn out of his friends and family at the cemetery.  I wrote a speech for Grandpa's funeral, which I will say was very hard giving, but Clint told me I did good and did not talk too fast. I also found a poem that was perfect for Grandpa.  I am still having a hard time accepting he is gone.  He and I were very close, and I am sure going to miss him.  However, I know he is pain-free and is reunited with loved ones and friends.  So to those around me, please bear with me. I know with time it will get better, but right now I am still hurting.

The rest of the weekend was busy, busy!  We had Easter with my family and with Clint's.  Clint and I were and are still very tired from the past week.  I have never felt so emotionally and physically drained in my life.  Today I had my glucose test at the doctor.  I actually thought the drink tasted good! Lol.  However, it did not set very well with my belly.  I was on Hwy 41 heading to my appointment, and all of a sudden I broke out in a terrible sweat, and I seriously thought I was going to pass out.  Then I thought I was going to vomit.  Very scary, and I had no where to pull off to on the road.  I turned the A/C on max trying to cool myself down, and calm the dizziness.  Luckily, the feeling eased up, and I made it to the dr.'s office.  I told my doctor about it, and she said most likely that means my sugar is low, which means I will pass the glucose test.  I will not have the results for a couple of days.  She was pleased with how I was doing- said I was on track with weight gain, and little man was doing good.  He had a strong heartbeat of 151 today.  And this week I am officially in the 3rd trimester- woo hoo! Speaking of my little fella, it is VERY hard naming your child!  We want to have different ideas for when we meet him, but darn it is soooo hard coming up with names that we both agree on! So he still is just Baby Ramsey for now.  His room is empty, and is ready to be painted and be filled with his baby furniture.  So exciting!!

Well it is 7:30pm and we are heading to bed.  I hope I can get sleep tonight.  I have not had a good night's rest in a week.  Oh and if you can, say a little prayer for my good friend Tiffanie.  Nothing serious, just keep her in your prayers! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time Flies!!!

I realized I started to fall behind again on my blog- oops! 

Tomorrow is our 1 year wedding anniversary!! Time really flies because it does not seem like it has been that long.  I really wish we had our wedding ceremony/reception on video.  I do have the print out of our vows, which I plan on getting out of the safe today or tomorrow.  I wish the weather was as warm a year ago as it is now! However, we had sunshine and overall it was a great day.  The day before my wedding I remember Clint and I drove up in separate vehicles (we had so much stuff).  Clint called me before he even exited Vanderburgh County; he realized he forgot to get Andrew's tux.  Once I got to Daviess Co., I went to my sister's, and as I was leaving to go to rehearsal Big Red decided to not work!  Smoke was coming out of the vents, and I was worried because my truck was loaded down with so much stuff- including my wedding dress.  Clint came to fetch me and all of my stuff in one of the groomsmen's truck.  We made it to rehearsal with plenty of time.  After rehearsal, the bridesmaids minus my sister plus Sarah had a slumber party at Tiffanie's.  I love having girl time with that group- ALWAYS a good time with lots of laughs.  I could not sleep very well that night- duh! I was so excited the next morning when I woke up.  It finally had arrived!  I was going to become Susan Ramsey! Those who do not know the full history of Clint and myself do not understand that this was the day most of my family and close friends had predicted a long time ago.  We were high school sweethearts.  I broke up with him in February of our senior year.  So yes, I was the mean heart-breaker.  There was a 10 year gap that we were dating other people.  However, during those 10 years, Clint was ALWAYS the first person to wish me a happy birthday after midnight via text or email.  We would go months of no contact, then would send a random email asking about the other person and their family.  We would even vent to each other about whoever we were dating at the time!! Then the time came in 2010 to where we both were single.  We started talking/hanging out...then next thing you know we were dating.  After a few weeks of dating we realized "this is it."  We did not want to be apart, we loved being around each other, and well we fell in love again.  So right away we knew we were going to be married.  He proposed to me on November 5, 2010, and the OCD "get it done now" person I am, planned our wedding in less than 5 months.  On April 2, 2011 we said "I Do, " and I am the happiest I have ever been!  And well as most of you know, we have a little on the way to add to our family. :)
Back to the wedding, it definitely was a GREAT night!  I got to see many old friends, and I wish I had the chance to sit down and talk to everyone.  But those of you who know me...I like to have fun and get my dance on!  Clint is the same way.  I do not think we hardly ever left that dance floor.  For those that were still there, Clint even sang "The Humpty Dance!"  He knows the entire song, and sings it really The one thing I wish SOOO bad I had on video was the father/daughter dance.  I had NO idea what was about to happen.  We started out dancing to George Strait's "The Best Day of My Life," and he looked at me and said, "Let's dance to Funky Cold Medina!"  So I looked over at Byron our DJ and told him to change it.  The rest was history.  I never knew my dad could have such "moves" LOL!  Also, another memorable moment was the best man/maid of honor speeches.  Both were classic!!!  After a long night of dancing and having fun, majority of us at the reception including my parents headed to Red Bones.  I think Clint spent most of our dollar dance money on buying rounds of shots for all of us! After a while there, Clint and I decided we were starving so we headed to Taco Bell in our wedding gear.  We ordered SO much food, and when I awoke the next day, I had Taco Bell in my veil, on my dress, and all over Clint's jeep!

I am SO thankful my Granny was able to be at our wedding.  None us had a clue she would be leaving us 3 months after our wedding.  I miss her a lot, and find myself sometimes thinking of something I want to call and tell her about.  Cherish your loved ones!  You never know when they will be taken from you!

Now back to present time.  This weekend we ordered Baby Ramsey's furniture.  I am two weeks away from being 7 months pregnant and entering my 3rd trimester- Yipes!  In two weeks, we will officially start working on the nursery...well I should say Clint and his dad will start working on the nursery :)

Well I need to get ready- we have our first Easter dinner for the year at my Grandma's.  I am excited about his warm weather!  I can finally wear my summer dresses, which by the way make me laugh when I put them on.  I look like a moo-moo cow in them!! Oh well, as long as I stay cool!  I use to be so cold-natured, and this pregnancy is making me have horrible hot flashes! 

Happy Sunday! :))

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pinterest Polly!!

Well I am one week away from being officially 6 months pregnant.  Finally, I am able to eat meat again which also means I am back to cooking a lot.  I do love cooking/baking, and it is nice to be able to eat what I make.  Pinterest has been addicting- only for the recipes.  I have found so many different ones I want try.  Also, I have found lots of yummy looking desserts on there.  So far everything I have attempted has turned out great and has tasted good!  Clint has even liked everything so far.  I promised him I would slow down on the baking because at this rate he and I will gain lots of weight!  I know this is the time of my life I can enjoy eating, but I have already gotten in trouble once for my sugar intake.  I will just have to eat my desserts in moderation.  I know this sounds crazy, but I am already thinking about after the baby comes and getting my body back.  YES, I am fully aware I will be tired and will be busy with our son; however, Clint has promised he will allow me my gym time.  Since I plan on breast-feeding, I will work hard on eating right so I am giving our baby the proper nutrition.

This weekend Clint and I had baby class.  It was Saturday and Sunday 12p-5p each day.  We learned a lot, toured the hopsital, and Clint even got to practice changing a diaper (he has never changed one in real life!)  Overall, we were pleased with the weekend workshop.  They showed us a video of a couple births, and I am not going to lie when I say it kinda freaks me out I will be going through that very soon!!  I am a HUGE weenie when it comes to pain, and I will definitely be ready for the epidural. 

In just 3 weeks Clint and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary!! I cannot believe it has already been one year!!  I had so much fun at our wedding, and wish I could re-do the day again in slow motion.  There were so many people there I did not get a chance to talk to.  I am still so thankful that Granny was there.  None of us knew that just 2 months later she would randomly get diagnosed with cancer and then pass away 4 weeks after that.  She passed away on July 4th, and I still think I will have my baby on that day.  It is hard to believe she is gone, but I know she is in Heaven hanging out with many loved ones and friends.  It is sad to when you realize how things change when a grandparent passes away....

On a happier note, our friends the Higgins' found out they are having a little boy too!  They are due a month after us.  That means future Brock and Clint Jr.'s!!  In that group of friends, everyone who has kids has boys.  So this could be fun with two more little boys joining in this summer! :)

Have a great week!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy Bees!

The weekend definitely went by way too fast!  Friday I had plans to go see my Grandpa Bill in Odon; however, due to the weather forecast I had to cancel.  So instead, I opened the windows and did a good cleaning on the house.  By the time I was finished, it was lunch time.  I thought I had plenty of time to run to Subway and the bank and be back home before the storm hit.  Wrong!  All was well until I was in line at Subway.  Next thing I knew it was raining so hard and hailing.  As I ran out to my truck clutching my big 'ol belly and sandwich, the rain was just drenching me! My hair was dripping wet, and my clothes were soaked- I could have wrung them out!  I did not want to sit in the parking lot and wait it out, especially since there were tornado warnings.  So I hurried home and made it safe and sound.  As I was sitting at the bar watching the news and enjoying my Subway sandwich, I noticed the weather outside was becoming worse.  The rain and hail had stopped for the time being, but the sky was going crazy.  I never heard any warnings for people in McCutchanville to take cover, so Lola and I stood at the back sliding door and watched the clouds.  I noticed to the east of my house there was a funky looking cloud that V-ed down.  During this time I was texting my friend Keely who lives the next subdivision over.  I was in the process of taking a pic of the funky clouds and sending it to her, but she beat me to it and sent one of the same cloud to me.  We found out later that funky V cloud was the tornado that touched down less than 10 miles from our houses.  CRAZY! I spent the next two hours watching the news and hearing of all the many tornados that touched down in southern Indiana that day.  Really thinking and praying for those who were affected.  The story of the little girl who was found in field alive, yet her family was dead broke my heart.  Today I heard she passed away :(  The weather this year has been so unpredictable. 

Thank goodness Saturday was calm.  The temperature sure dropped some, but overall it was a good day.  Clint's dad, stepmom, and grandma Carolyn came down for a visit.  It was so good to see them all again.  Tim got to see what room he is going to help Clint paint for the nursery.  I cannot wait to put the baby's room together!  I plan on ordering the bedding this week.  Oh and speaking of, little man will have a western/cowboy themed room-- Yee Haw! :)

Today my sister, brother-n-law, and nephew Ethan came down.  Cliff stayed at the house with Clint to help out with some things, while Nancy, Ethan, and I went to the movies to watch Dr. Suess' Lorax.  Very good movie!  Ethan really enjoyed it too. 

I am almost to the 6 month mark in this pregnancy! Woo hoo!  He sure kicks and dances a lot. I noticed when I get hungry, he does too and lets me know by river dancing inside of my tummy :)  I do not eat any more than what I did pre-preggo because there is not enough room!  I get full sooo easy now, yet I will still be hungry.  If I force that extra couple bites down, I am so miserable.  I am hoping the summer heat is kind to me this year.  I am just thankful I do not have to go through the entire summer being pregnant.  I keep saying I will have a July 4th baby.  I do not know why, I just can see it happening. 

I am hoping the work week flies by.  This upcoming weekend Clint and I start  baby classes at Women's Hospital. I am sure we will learn a lot!  We registered at Babies-R-Us last Sunday.  Very overwhelming!!  I knew babies required a lot of things, but the reality of it hit us when we were there registering!  Unfortunately, there is a glich in the system.  If you go into the store and print out registry, it is accurate.  If you look online, everything is correct except for the clothes.  It shows we registered for girl clothing.  I went into the store and had it fixed.  Did not work.  Talked to manager a few times over the phone, still not fixed.  Come to find out it is an issue that corporate is having, and they are trying to get their IT guys to straighten it out.  Apparently it has been an ongoing problem since the beginning of February, and I am one of many who have been affected.  I am hoping they get it fixed by the time my baby shower rolls around! 

Well my belly is full of tator tot casserole, and it is my bed time.  Have a good evening! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gettin' excited!

So things are really starting to come together for little baby Ramsey.  Tonight I met with the owner of the daycare he will be attending- LOVE Miss Jackie!!  She was so sweet, and I feel so relaxed knowing my little guy will be under her care when I go back to work.  Also, baby boy has a pediatrician lined up.  Yay! Now, Clint and I must decide on nursery theme.  I am loving the western theme (imagine that), and Clint likes IU.  However, I have googled and browsed the net and have been unsuccessful on finding IU baby bedding.  So who knows what we will decide on.  Maybe we can combine the sports theme/cowboy theme.  My father-n-law said he wants to come down and help Clint paint the nursery.  The guest bedroom is a bright purple right now, so definitely need to "boy it up" :) One thing that I realized it is time for Clint and I do to is register for baby stuff!!!  And just think a year ago around this time we were registering for wedding stuff.  Time flies!

I had a doctor appoint. on Tuesday.  Clint was unable to take of work for it, so I took my grandma Norma (Meme) with me.  She saw her very first ultrasound!  And it was confirmed the baby is a boy, which we already assumed.  They moved my due date up a few days because baby boy is measuring long- imagine that!  Look at how tall Clint is!  The baby weighs 11 oz. right now and is doing great.  My dr was happy because this time I had NO sugar in my urine and I lost a pound.  I had to redirect my eating habits, and start eating like I did pre preggo.  I still have my dessert though.  No one can keep this momma away from sugar! :)

I went to Odon yesterday to see my Grandpa Bill, and everytime I travel back home it makes me realize how much I miss living in a small town.  I cannot wait till the baby is here, then we can start planning our re-locating.  We are discussing maybe building, but will get more serious about everything once the time nears.  With I-69 I am hoping I can continue to work at Deaconess, but time will tell. 

This warm weather makes me think that mushroom hunting season is getting closer!  Did not get to go last year, and I am hoping I can waddle in the woods this year.  That is something I remember doing with family when I was really young.  They are soooo good fried, but I have never been able to fix them like my mom did.  Why is it mom's do things better?  However, I have mastered my mom's taco salad!! 

Happy Thursday!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Funday

One thing that I love about having a blog is that I can say what I want and not care.  If you do not like it, well then you do not have to read it.  Some people know that I have a hard time keeping a filter on my mouth.  Pregnancy makes it harder.  I have to hold myself back from word vomiting.  I am not one to keep things within, I like to get them out! 

I do not know why it has happened now, but being pregnant has made me sit back and notice the true colors of people.  Some of those colors are not so bright and happy. I know as we grow older, we may grow apart from others in our lives. I have seriously learned who the "true" people are in my life.  I will leave it at that...

Another thing I have noticed is there are a lot of Debbie Downers out there.  It drives me bonkers on how some people have something wrong with them everyday.  STOP IT!  I really wish some would realized how blessed they are.  I think of the homeless people I see I around Evansville, the stories on the news of those who had unfortunate things happen to them, or even the patients at work who I know could use extra help.  I may wake up with pains in my hips, lower back, a headache, or the blahs...but you know what?  I still at night thank God for the blessings I do have.  Those minor aches and pains are not the end of the world.  I have a roof over my head, heat, a vehicle, a good job, amazing husband, clothes on my back....and the list goes on.  

On a different note, my weekend was great!  My youngest nephew Oliver turned one, and we all celebreated on Saturday.  After that Clint and I drove into Odon to see my Grandpa Bill- his birthday was on Sunday.  I love my visits with Grandpa, especially when Clint gets to go too.  There is always lots of laughter! :)  On Sunday I woke up in a major cleaning mode.  It definitely wore me out, but made me happy to have it done.  My bestie Kylie was home for the weekend so on Sunday evening I met with her and Holly for dinner- always a good time when Kylie is telling her stories!!! LOL  She and Holly call my baby Maximus Skip Ramsey.  That is not his name, and I swear to you when I say he does not have an official name yet.  We have options, but will decide once we see his cute little face.  Speaking of the little man, he has definitely become mobile!  I have felt him a couple times.  I think he is working on his line dancing and 2 step skills....ha!  Still looking for the perfect pair of cowboy boots for him ;)

This weekend will be another busy one, but not complaining because I know it will be a good time!  I am anxiously waiting for Tuesday when I get to have another ultrasound.  If Clint cannot leave work I am taking my grandma Norma aka "Meme" because she has never seen one, and I would love for her to experience it!  I am also hoping to find out I passed on having better results with my sugar intake.  I got in trouble last time, because my levels were very high.  I love sweets, and even did before I was pregnant!  So it has been tough...some days I have no sweets...others I kinda give in...just a 

Happy Monday!

Monday, January 30, 2012

boy oh BOY!

Well, it looks like this summer Clint and I will be welcoming a baby BOY to our family!!  I cannot wait to meet our little fella! :)  I really did think I was having a girl- and no, I am not basing that on all the old wives tale tests I did.  However, I am completely happy with a boy :)  My dad still think the baby is a girl.  He said he needs one more ultrasound to prove that.  LOL 

Pregnancy has really messed with my brain!  That whole "preggo brain" thing is true.  Example: over the weekend I went to take a shower, and still had my bra on.  Did not realize it until the water hit me.  Also, one day last week I almost left for work wearing my house slippers.  I sometimes wear them as I get ready, and normally am good at changing out of them.  So I almost showed up at Deaconess wearing purple fuzzy slippers :)  Another thing that I notice- THE HORMONES!  The way I describe it is, one minute I could judo-kick someone in their face.  An hour later, I might ask them out for ice-cream.  It makes me feel c-r-a-z-y!!! 

Clint is traveling for work this week, so I figured this was perfect timing to get caught up on my blog.  I have work to keep me busy this week, and a couple dinner dates with some gal pals I have not seen in a long time.  So hopefully the week will fly by. 

Our weekend went great- got to relax, had my usual chats with Grandpa Bill, bought the baby a few outfits, and got to eat with Clint's mom on Saturday. 

Last, my precious Big Red is for sale.  I love my truck, but we need vehicle that is more suitable for hauling a baby around.  So if anyone knows of anyone looking for a truck- send them my way, and I will give them more info!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I got behind again...

I was really trying to be good at keeping up with my blog.  Then I would see on facebook, people posting links to theirs, and I realized oops!  I was behind again.

So to play catch up.  Hmm, okay I will start with the holidays.  A very busy weekend!  We traveled to Daviess County on both Saturday and Sunday.  One day having 2 stops, the next 3!  Needless to say, I was very tired after the traveling and busy days.  It was so good to see both my family and Clint's, but it was also sooo good to be at home relaxing! 

It is so crazy to think that it is already 2012!!  The year I turn 30- which I am not the type of person who dreads that and cries.  I am just shocked that my twenties are coming to an end!  But the best thing about this year?  Meeting our precious baby that will enter the world this summer.  Words cannot express how excited we are!

Speaking about our baby, In 2 weeks we will FINALLY know the gender!  Our parents/grandparents/siblings will be the first to know.  Then we will make it public.  I told Clint as soon as we find out, we are going straight to Babies-r-Us to buy clothes and then to Biaggis for dinner (that is the one restaurant that is not marked on my bad list during my pregnancy). lol  It is crazy on the foods that I use to love now I want kept far, far away from me!  Some things I crave are: toast w/seedless blackberry jelly on it, glass of organic chocolate milk, peanut butter & jelly, cheese pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream, apples, grapes, and Donut Bank's blueberry cake donuts!  Even before pregnancy, I loved food- especially sweets.  However, I loved healthy foods, and would stick to a healthy diet.  This is the one time in my life to where I will eat what I want and be merry.  I am finally able to work out again (the nausea and body aches let up)..  I have had many people tell me that they notice my face is fuller, my hips are wider, or make comments they figured I was pregnant before I told them I was, etc.  You know what I say?  Who cares?!  I am pregnant for crying out loud!  I seriously think some people are getting kicks out of seeing me gain weight.  Well, there is a precious child growing inside of me- I am going to get fat people!  It is okay!!! LOL

One thing that I love to do is read, and by golly I have been gettin' my read on with my Nook. I know that once the baby comes, I will not get all the free time to read.  I got a lot of good suggestions on books by friends on facebook and have already read some of them.   Also, I have been a mean, clean organizing, decluttering machine!  I purchased a label maker, and bought some plastic containers, and have went to town on this house.  The only thing we have left to do is move Clint's office furniture and the treadmill into the other bedroom.  I already have an empty closet waiting to be filled with liitle clothes :)

I so happy we have no plans this weekend.  I had the stomach flu earlier in the week, and then have been battling headaches.  I had a migraine last night that was so mean :(  Today it is much better.  We have been relaxing watching shows on Netflix, and now Clint is watching the football game while I blog :) I am going to get back to the book I am reading :)  Hope everyone has a great evening!