Monday, January 30, 2012

boy oh BOY!

Well, it looks like this summer Clint and I will be welcoming a baby BOY to our family!!  I cannot wait to meet our little fella! :)  I really did think I was having a girl- and no, I am not basing that on all the old wives tale tests I did.  However, I am completely happy with a boy :)  My dad still think the baby is a girl.  He said he needs one more ultrasound to prove that.  LOL 

Pregnancy has really messed with my brain!  That whole "preggo brain" thing is true.  Example: over the weekend I went to take a shower, and still had my bra on.  Did not realize it until the water hit me.  Also, one day last week I almost left for work wearing my house slippers.  I sometimes wear them as I get ready, and normally am good at changing out of them.  So I almost showed up at Deaconess wearing purple fuzzy slippers :)  Another thing that I notice- THE HORMONES!  The way I describe it is, one minute I could judo-kick someone in their face.  An hour later, I might ask them out for ice-cream.  It makes me feel c-r-a-z-y!!! 

Clint is traveling for work this week, so I figured this was perfect timing to get caught up on my blog.  I have work to keep me busy this week, and a couple dinner dates with some gal pals I have not seen in a long time.  So hopefully the week will fly by. 

Our weekend went great- got to relax, had my usual chats with Grandpa Bill, bought the baby a few outfits, and got to eat with Clint's mom on Saturday. 

Last, my precious Big Red is for sale.  I love my truck, but we need vehicle that is more suitable for hauling a baby around.  So if anyone knows of anyone looking for a truck- send them my way, and I will give them more info!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I got behind again...

I was really trying to be good at keeping up with my blog.  Then I would see on facebook, people posting links to theirs, and I realized oops!  I was behind again.

So to play catch up.  Hmm, okay I will start with the holidays.  A very busy weekend!  We traveled to Daviess County on both Saturday and Sunday.  One day having 2 stops, the next 3!  Needless to say, I was very tired after the traveling and busy days.  It was so good to see both my family and Clint's, but it was also sooo good to be at home relaxing! 

It is so crazy to think that it is already 2012!!  The year I turn 30- which I am not the type of person who dreads that and cries.  I am just shocked that my twenties are coming to an end!  But the best thing about this year?  Meeting our precious baby that will enter the world this summer.  Words cannot express how excited we are!

Speaking about our baby, In 2 weeks we will FINALLY know the gender!  Our parents/grandparents/siblings will be the first to know.  Then we will make it public.  I told Clint as soon as we find out, we are going straight to Babies-r-Us to buy clothes and then to Biaggis for dinner (that is the one restaurant that is not marked on my bad list during my pregnancy). lol  It is crazy on the foods that I use to love now I want kept far, far away from me!  Some things I crave are: toast w/seedless blackberry jelly on it, glass of organic chocolate milk, peanut butter & jelly, cheese pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream, apples, grapes, and Donut Bank's blueberry cake donuts!  Even before pregnancy, I loved food- especially sweets.  However, I loved healthy foods, and would stick to a healthy diet.  This is the one time in my life to where I will eat what I want and be merry.  I am finally able to work out again (the nausea and body aches let up)..  I have had many people tell me that they notice my face is fuller, my hips are wider, or make comments they figured I was pregnant before I told them I was, etc.  You know what I say?  Who cares?!  I am pregnant for crying out loud!  I seriously think some people are getting kicks out of seeing me gain weight.  Well, there is a precious child growing inside of me- I am going to get fat people!  It is okay!!! LOL

One thing that I love to do is read, and by golly I have been gettin' my read on with my Nook. I know that once the baby comes, I will not get all the free time to read.  I got a lot of good suggestions on books by friends on facebook and have already read some of them.   Also, I have been a mean, clean organizing, decluttering machine!  I purchased a label maker, and bought some plastic containers, and have went to town on this house.  The only thing we have left to do is move Clint's office furniture and the treadmill into the other bedroom.  I already have an empty closet waiting to be filled with liitle clothes :)

I so happy we have no plans this weekend.  I had the stomach flu earlier in the week, and then have been battling headaches.  I had a migraine last night that was so mean :(  Today it is much better.  We have been relaxing watching shows on Netflix, and now Clint is watching the football game while I blog :) I am going to get back to the book I am reading :)  Hope everyone has a great evening!