Tuesday, September 4, 2012

William "Liam" Douglas Ramsey

I am way behind again. However, I have an excuse. I have been busy tending to the best little present ever. This little present was delivered on July 11, 2012. The present of course, is my precious son Liam.

I did not think my pregnancy would ever end. I was swollen and just plain miserable. Each week I would go to my doctor's appointment and learn I was still just 1 cm dilated. Ugh! The temperature was in the 100's outside, and I simply wanted my baby out! But I do not always get what I want- my doctor does not induce unless you go past your due date. So guess what, I was still pregnant on my due date. Clint and I went to the hospital on the evening of July 10. They started me on oral meds to help soften my stubborn cervix. I sent Clint home that night, knowing he would sleep better. I told him to be at the hospital at 6:00am the next morning before they started giving me pitocin. If you know my husband, he is late for EVERYTHING! (one of my pet peeves, but I still love him dearly) So the next morning at ten till 6:00am...you heard me, 10 min early...Clint enters the room. I was happy to see he was early, but even happier after I opened the small box he handed me. He got me a "push present," and in the box was a gorgeous ruby ring (Liam's birthstone). I think he earned extra brownie points that day- arrived early and gave me jewelry! :)

I am not going to go into details, but I will say the rest of the day was not so fun. I will say God Bless epidurals!! I was in labor for a long 11 hours. Lots of pain and tears for sure! Clint was so supportive, and he did such a great job helping me out. I think at one point he told me to stop cussing and breathe. :) Some of those contractions were so mean and fierce I would word vomit, and I am sure my mother would not have been proud if she heard me! Ha!

The big moment finally came at 8:32pm (CST). I gave birth to a 8 lb 1 oz., 21.5 in beautiful baby boy! The moment I first laid eyes on him my heart melted like butter on a hot biscuit. He was absolutely perfect with alert eyes and rosebud lips. I was in love. We named him William Douglas Ramsey, but he goes by Liam. William is of course after my Grandpa Bill, and Douglas is after my dad. He has the names of the 3 greatest men in my life (Ramsey obviously being Clint's last name, duh lol).

One thing we did for Liam's birth was have a birth photographer. Leah Robinson did an amazing job! She captured moments before the birth and immediately after. We even have a small video on DVD. I highly recommend other moms-to-be to do this if you can. Clint was able to enjoy Liam's first moments without having to snap away with our camera. If you read this Leah- thank you so much!

The next couple of days at the hospital were a blur. We had many visitors stop by to see our new handsome fella. We are so thankful for all who called, texted, emailed, sent cards/gifts, visited, etc. Clint and I left the hospital as a family of 3 that following Friday evening. We came home and set his carseat down to let the fur kids (Norm, Lola, and Roxi) meet their new brother. The cats were scared of him, and Norm would not go near him. They all adjusted well, but sometimes Norm gets a tad jealous.

I am not going to say it is a piece of cake the first week or so at home. I think I cried with Liam on many occasions. However, each day and week just kept getting better. When he hit 4 weeks we put him in his crib in his room. He started sleeping awesome and still does to this day. We get anywhere from 6-8 hr straight then up to feed, then back to sleep for another 2 hr. This makes mommy and daddy very happy! He loves bath time, and he LOVES to eat. Poor kids got his mom and dad's appetite! Lol

I cannot believe he will be 2 months old tomorrow. Time really flies! He is such a pure joy in our lives. He grins all the time, and we even got a semi baby laugh out of him recently. He also will stick out his lower lip when he is upset. Not going to lie, that trick works! Every morning I lay him on his play mat so I can brush my teeth, make coffee, start a load of laundry, etc. He loves that mat! He gets to kicking his little leggies and arms. Clint and I say it is his Baby P90X he is doing, haha.

I may have carried him for 9 months, but he definitely is his daddy's son. When Liam was first born, he looked like my baby pictures. Now we have a Clint Jr.! He for sure is built like Clint- long arms/legs and long skinny feet with long toes Liam does have the prettiest blue eyes, and those lips...oh they are so precious!!

I love my son more than anything, and I truly believe he was meant to enter my life at the time he did. I will explain more later in another post.

Happy Tuesday.