Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Funday

The weekend is really over?  It seems like it went by fast!  Friday night's plans were changed.  Clint is a Cardinals fan, so we stayed home to watch the world series.  I am obviously not a baseball fan because I fell asleep once I saw STL had the lead :)   Saturday I started my day off with a half pot of coffee and gym time!  About once a week I train weights with my friend Ashley.  That girl is amazing!  I keep thinking that I should leave the gym having abs that look like That afternoon I finally got to see "Puss in Boots" at the IMAX theater.  Clint and I both liked it.  That evening we met up with my friend Melissa.  I finally got to meet her precious 3 month old son Max! 

Today was a good family day.  Clint and I rode up with my parents to Washington.  We went to Meme's house, and had two cute trick-or-treaters... my nephews :)  They were sooo stinkin' cute! I also went to the nursing home to see my Grandpa Bill.  So sad to see him still weak, but I was glad to see him give a few smiles. 

So tonight I finally sat down and decided it was time to print off some of the gazillion photos I have stored on my computer.  I used Snapfish for the first time, and wow!  Got a such a deal!  Majority were pictures from our wedding that other people had taken- I have been wanting soo bad to fill up my cute photo albums we got as gifts.  I printed over 300 photos, and with some coupon codes, I am only paying around $36!!  And that is with free shipping!  Let's just hope I can keep them organized!  Those who know me very well, know that I love to clean, and do it quite often.  However, the one thing I cannot seem to get the knack of is organizing closets and drawers!  If you are opening one of my lower cabinets- stand back!  You might get attacked by a pan, a piece of tupperware, or a lid!  No  If anyone is OCD enough to organize for me, I can clean in return...haha!

Last, Clint and I are wanting to relocate to Daviess County.  If anyone knows of a good home for sale, please email me! It has been almost 10 years since I have lived back home.  I now miss it a lot, and I want Clint to have a shorter drive to work. 

Ethan as Captain Hook, and Oliver as Peter Pan

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Thursday!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!  Not only because it means my weekend begins, but also because Clint is taking me to see "Puss in Boots 3D!!!"  Yep, I am super stoked about seeing that movie :) 

It is going to be nice to have laid back weekend too- both Clint and I have been very busy lately.  I was off work yesterday, and he took the day off too which was nice.  We went Odon to see my Grandpa Bill, and my great Grandma Reed.  Then on the way home, we stopped at the Odon Locker to get some marinated turkey strips- YUMMM!  By the time we got back to Evansville, it was too late for me to make it to Gracestoration, so we just heated up chili and watched TV. 

Today I made it to Bob's gym after work.  I had a cardio date with a friend, so there was no talking myself out of going.  I am getting back into my healthy mode routine which means working out more, healthier meals, and drinking my Visalus shakes again.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I know on Sunday I will get to see two little cuties dressed up as Captain Hook and Peter Pan.  Let's just say Aunt Susie is excited! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

back to the bloggin'...

I had a blog a couple of years ago.  I would forget to use it, and then eventually forgot that I had it.  Things have been crazy busy lately for me!  I just hosted my first race- Travis Burkhart Foundation "Steps For Hope" 5k/10k walk/run.  It was a success!  We raised around $6500!!!  The proceeds go to fund scholarships for therapeutic horse riding sessions.  I am so excited that many individuals will benefit from this! From what I heard, those who participated or volunteered had a good time.
Next up is my best friend's wedding.  I am her matron of honor, and I cannot wait to celebrate with her and John.  After the wedding, the holidays will be here.  Crazy to think it almost that time of year again...which means a new year is approaching!

Asking for prayers for my Grandpa Bill.  He is not doing very well, and it breaks my heart...   Cancer is a mean thing that seems to be a common word for my family.  It still does not seem real that Granny is gone.  She passed on 4th of July, and I still find myself sometimes thinking, "I need to call Granny."

Kelli Grissom and I at the race on 10.22.2011