Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to Reality

A couple of weeks ago, I returned back to work. I was actually looking forward to getting back into a routine. However, I was feeling anxious about Liam going to daycare. I knew he would be fine. Miss Jackie (daycare owner) is an absolute sweetheart. I was more worried about how I would handle being away from him the whole day after experiencing a very emotional maternity leave.

The morning of my first day back to work went well. I was showered and ready before Liam even woke up. As I laid him in his carseat before we left, he just kept smiling at me. So I took that as a sign everything would be just fine. Liam does great at daycare! Miss Jackie along with the other workers have told me multiple times how much they adore Liam and how he is such a good baby. Also, they have said they wish they could clone Liam and have all babies be like him! I am not trying to be "that mom," but I am pretty lucky. Liam sleeps 10 hours at night, and he really only fusses if he is hungry. Believe me, I am not saying everything is perfect because it is not. I was almost late for work the other morning because Liam had a blow out. The kind that was on me, the carpet, and almost up to his neck. He sure felt better as he kicked his legs and cooed!! LOL
Going to daycare also means being exposed to germs. So he did catch his first cold. I noticed earlier tonight he is starting to get over it. Even with his congestion, runny nose, and crud going on he still smiled a lot. He did not get that from me because I hate being sick and tend to whine a lot when I am. :)

Even though I am back into a normal routine- work, gym, church, lazy family days, etc., I still have a hard time adjusting without my mom. I still want to call her for advice on things. I miss her so much. I still have so much pain and emotion that has yet to come out. I am not going to lie, I am not looking forward to the holidays. My first without both Grandpa Bill and my mom. It just does not seem real. The other night I wanted to call her so bad and ask for her advice on something. Instead I held Liam and cried like a baby looking at the pics I have of him and my mom on the night he was born.

This weekend I will experience my first night away from Liam. Thanks to Clint's dad and stepmom, he and I are going to have a date day/night. We have the day planned with different wineries and shops, and will end our night with some karaoke. Clint and I love to sing karaoke, but keep in mind we do not think we are professionals. It is just a lot of fun! I plan on attempting a Tanya Tucker song in honor of my mom. :) I am looking forward to a much needed relaxing day with my husband. I know Liam will do fine at his grandparents, and I am pretty sure they are excited about their overnight guest!

I hope everyone has a great week!

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